Amy Fay in Berlin - mid 19th Century

from Music-Study in Germany: The Classic Memoir of the Romantic Era, page 21:

On Sunday morning (I am sorry to say) once in a month or six weeks, they have what they call a ‘Musical Reading.’’ It is held in a piano-forte ware-room, and there all the scholars in the higher classes play, so I had to go. Many of the girls play magnificently, and I was amazed at the technique that they had, and at the artistic manner in which even very young girls rendered the most difficult of music, and all without notes. It gave me a severe nervous headache just to hear them. But it was delightful to see them go at it. None of them had the least fear, and they laughed and chatted …   more >>
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Amy Fay, Music-Study in Germany: The Classic Memoir of the Romantic Era (2011), p. 21. accessed: 21 February, 2024

location of experience: Berlin


Amy Fay

Experience Information

Date/Time mid 19th Century
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


Took place in Tausig’s Conservatory, Berlin

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