Benjamin Britten in London - 4 May, 1932

from Journeying boy : the diaries of the young Benjamin Britten 1928-1938, page 104:

Listen to B.B.C. concert on wireless after dinner. Rather a shaky performance by Nat Chorus of Jesu, Joy & Treasure Motet. They certainly made a loud if not a joyful noise in the 9th Symphon (Beethoven). Boult conducts an uninspired performance (turn back) [because entry is concluded on previous page, under 3 May] Some instrument parts played v. well; but on whole v. ragged considering amt. of rehearsal. Boult is beginning to fool abt. with things - he has dropped his so-called "letting the music speak for itself".*
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John Evans (ed.), Journeying boy : the diaries of the young Benjamin Britten 1928-1938 (:London, 2009), p. 104. accessed: 17 April, 2024

location of experience: London


Benjamin Britten

Listening to

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Jesu meine Freude BWV 227
written by Johann Sebastian Bach
performed by National Chorus, Adrian Boult, BBC Symphonic Orchestra
Symphony No. 9
written by Franz Schubert, Beethoven
performed by Horace Stevens, Isobel Baillie, Muriel Brunskill, National Chorus, Walter Widdop, Adrian Boult, BBC Symphonic Orchestra

Experience Information

Date/Time 4 May, 1932
Medium broadcast
Listening Environment in private, indoors, solitary


A live relay from the Queen's Hall given by Isobel Baillie (soprano), Muriel Brunskill (contralto), Walter Widdop (tenor) and Horace Stevens (bass), the National Chorus and the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Adrian Boult. The Bach item sung by the National Chorus was the motet Jesu meine Freude (BWV 227).

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