Maude V. White in Wolverhampton - in the middle of the 1860's

from Friends and Memories, pages 36-37:

Music was almost entirely neglected during my years at Miss Reach’s. I had no lessons, but was sent to practise by myself for an hour every afternoon on a horrid little upright piano in the dreary dining-room.


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Maude V. White, Friends and Memories (London, 1914), p. 36-37. accessed: 24 April, 2024

location of experience: Wolverhampton


Maude V. White

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Gems of Scotland performed by Maude V. White
performance of 'Unspecified'
written by Brinsley Richards
performed by Maude V. White
Prière d’une Vierge performed by Maude V. White

Experience Information

Date/Time in the middle of the 1860's
Medium live
Listening Environment in private, indoors, solitary

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