Antoine-Laurent Castellan in Fiesole, Italy - at the end of 18th Century, at night

from Letters on Italy; illustrated by engravings, page 74:

[Letter XI]

Guided by the twilight, and shortly afterwards by the beams of the moon, which seemed to rise most majestically amid a crowd of stars, which appeared far more brilliant and numerous than in our climate, I followed a path which I supposed would lead me into the road to Fiesole [a town near Florence]; when suddenly I distinguished the sounds of rustic music, amongst which I …   more >>

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Antoine Laurent Castellan, Letters on Italy; illustrated by engravings (London, 1820), p. 74. accessed: 2 March, 2024

location of experience: Fiesole, Italy


Antoine-Laurent Castellan
Architect, engraver, Painter, Writer

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rustic music, hymns

Experience Information

Date/Time at the end of 18th Century, at night
Medium live
Listening Environment outdoors, in public, solitary

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