Mrs. R. Downer in southern England - the 1920's

from A Bygone Age, page 24:

We had now got electricity, and my son was very interested in Radio and I think we were one of the first people to have a wireless set. Mrs X [a long-standing client] wrote to me and said “how pleased I am that you will be able to listen to nice music and programmes while you are sewing’. That certainly was a great pleasure to me and I often think that the music and variety turns were better than they are today. 

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Mrs. R. Downer, A Bygone Age. In Brunel University Burnett Archive of Working Class Autobiographies, number 1:211, p. 24. accessed: 18 August, 2022

location of experience: southern England


Mrs. R. Downer

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Date/Time the 1920's
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Listening Environment in private, indoors, solitary

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