Thomas Cairns Livingston in Govanhill, Glasgow - 2 June, 1926, at night

from Diaries of Thomas Cairns Livingston vol. 14:

Wednesday 2 June … Worked late at night. Brought home my headphones so that I could get a little music.

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Thomas Cairns Livingston, Diaries of Thomas Cairns Livingston vol. 14. In Glasgow City Archives, number TD1969/14. accessed: 25 April, 2024 (By permission of Glasgow City Archives)

location of experience: Govanhill, Glasgow


Thomas Cairns Livingston
Mercantile Book keeper, Shipping clerk, traveling salesman

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Unspecified music

Experience Information

Date/Time 2 June, 1926, at night
Medium broadcast, playback
Listening Environment in private, indoors, solitary


Either broadcast or playback - not specified in source.

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