John Evelyn

John Evelyn




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31 October, 1620


Wotton, Surrey


27 February, 1706

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John Evelyn


John Evelyn

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1397137209835: After supper, came in the famous treble, Mr. Abel,...

1408314364353: This night I was invited by Mr. Rog: L'Estrange to...

1408442119799: In January Signor Molino was chosen Dodge, but the...

1408442476179: May 5 I went ... to see a new Opera after the Ital...

1408443213370: [January] 9 I saw acted the <2>d part of the "Seig...

1408443659354: [January] 11 I dined this day at Arundell-house, w...

1408485094714: [December] 21: of his Majesties Chaplains pr...

1408485788383: [December] 29 To Lond[on]: Saw the Audience of the...

1408486365000: [November] 19 I heard that stupendious Violin Sign...

1408486933287: [September] 23 Came to my house some German strang...

1408487237670: I heard the famous Cifeccio (Eunuch) sing, in the ...

1408487781292: [April] 19 I heard the famous Singer the Eunuch Ci...

1408487847659: [May] 30 I dined at Mr. Pepyss, where I heard that...

1408529769222: Then began the Musick Act, Vocal, & Instrumental, ...

1408530154483: [August] 21. I dined in the Citty, at the fraterni...

1408530892814: December 2: heard Signor Francisco on the Harpsich...

1408531606448: She had to all this an incomparable sweete Voice, ...

1408532029276: [December] 18 I dind at the greate entertainement ...

1429877661660: I went this Evening to see the order of the Boys &...

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