District of Columbia

Washington D. C.

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Washington D. C.

1406111539643: I was pleased to hear words from Pinchas Zukerman ...

1422876556596: Premiere at Library of Night Music. The first move...

1426807836782: After losing our way in a labyrinth of corridors a...

1428234345070: Many Negro acts considered it a great honor to be ...

1429000607332: He [Percy Johnson] had a player-piano and he put o...

1429001727358: Otto Hardwick was known as the little brother of J...

1429002319779: When Elmer Snowden came to Washington in Joe Roche...

1429002498935: As a trumpet player [Arthur Whetsol] had a tonal p...

1431097291403: Did you play any improvised music at that time? ...

1432034004538: Hark ! the voice of Jesus crying — " Who will go...

1432196319622: A year or two later I sang this hymn in the Churc...


1435751072097: Back from forty-eight hours in Washington, D.C., w...


performance of ''Flying Home'':

performance of 'Hamp's Boogie Woogie':

performance of 'Midnight Sun':

performance of ''Carolina Shout'':

performance of 'Banjorine music':

performance of 'Here am I, Send Me':

performance of 'Minuet by Bocherini':

performance of 'Nearer, My God, to Thee':

performance of 'Piano music':

performance of 'Saxophone music':

performance of 'Some Time We'll Understand':

performance of 'Songfest':

performance of 'St. Louis Blues':

performance of 'Views from the Oldest House':

performance of 'jazz piano music':

performance of 'music by Ned Rorem':

performance of 'music by Virgil Thomson':

performance of 'A performance of Mozart's duet for violin and viola, performed by Zukerman and Midori':


Duke Ellington


Woodrow Wilson

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