George Bernard Shaw in China - the 1930's

from Letter from George Bernard Shaw to Edward Elgar, 30 May 1933, pages 463-464:

My dear Elgar, Why Paris? I recommend Peiping (ci-devant Peking) where you must go to the Lama temple and discover how the Chinese produce harmony. Instead of your laborious expedient of composing a lot of different parts to be sung simultaneously, they sing in unison all the time, mostly without changing the note; but they produce their voices in some magical way that brings out all the harmonics with extraordinary richness, like big bells. I have never had my ears so supersatisfied. The basses are stupendous…. At Tientsin they had a Chinese band for me. It consisted of a most …   more >>
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George Bernard Shaw, Letter from George Bernard Shaw to Edward Elgar, 30 May 1933. In Anita Kermode and Frank Kermode (ed.), The Oxford book of letters (Oxford, 1995), p. 463-464. accessed: 22 July, 2024

location of experience: China


George Bernard Shaw

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Japanese theatre orchestra
Chinese band
Chinese opera

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Date/Time the 1930's
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