Charles Burney - February, 1779

from Letter from Charles Burney to William Hunter, 9 February 1779, page 269:

As your curiosity seemed much excited by the extraordinary Accounts of the Norwich Musical Child, & as you expressed some desire to know in what particulars his performance was wonderful, & disposition to Music superior to that of other Children of the same age; after making all the enquiries my leisure & opportunities would allow, & repeatedly hearing & studying him, I have drawn up the following account, which if it does not appear too trivial, I should be glad if you would do me the honour of presenting to the Royal Society, as a mark of my respect & veneration for that learned Body, who, …   more >>
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Letter from Charles Burney to William Hunter, 9 February 1779. In Charles Burney, and Alvaro Ribeiro (ed.), The letters of Dr Charles Burney, volume 1 (Oxford, 1991), p. 269. accessed: 17 April, 2024


Charles Burney
musicologist, Musician, Writer

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Date/Time February, 1779
Medium live

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