Gregor Piatigorsky in Hamburg - at the end of the 1920's

from Cellist- Gregor Piatigorsky, pages 142-143:

Another far more serious accident happened in Hamburg. An atmosphere of earnestness preceded my performance of the D-minor solo suite by Bach. Inexplicably, my memory limited itself to only the first open D, and not one note further. I kept tuning my cello, all the while hoping the continuation would come back to me. But the more I tuned, the less I knew what followed the D. I had to start. My fingers would automatically follow, I was sure. Determinedly I struck the D, but stopped, and to an embarrassing silence pretended that my cello needed some more tuning. Realizing that I couldn’t sit …   more >>
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Gregor Piatigorsky, Cellist- Gregor Piatigorsky (New York, 1976), p. 142-143. accessed: 24 June, 2024

location of experience: Hamburg


Gregor Piatigorsky

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Bach's D-minor cello suite
written by Johann Sebastian Bach
performed by Gregor Piatigorsky

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Date/Time at the end of the 1920's
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in public

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