Princess Amelia et al. in Queen's Lodge, London - November, 1785

from The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mary Granville, Mrs Delany, pages 308-309:

I have been several evenings at the Queen's Lodge, with no other company but their own most lovely family. They sit round a large table, on which are books, work, pencils, and paper. The Queen has the goodness to make me sit down next to her and delights me with her conversation, which is informing, elegant, and pleasing, beyond description; whilst the younger part of the family are drawing and working, &c. &c., the beautiful babe, Princess Amelia, bearing her part in the entertainment; sometimes in one of her sister's laps; sometimes playing with the King on the carpet; which, …   more >>

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Augusta Hall (ed.), The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mary Granville, Mrs Delany, volume 2/3 (London, 1862), p. 308-309. accessed: 22 June, 2024

location of experience: Queen's Lodge, London


King George III
Queen Charlotte
Mary Delany
Botanical decoupage artist letter-writer, blue-stocking, Artist, Writer

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Date/Time November, 1785
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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