Edward Miller - late 18th Century

from Music and Society in Eighteenth-Century Yorkshire, page 179:

In music he succeeded better than in painting. He performed decently on the harpsichord, and, by his desire, I undertook to teach him the principles of composition, but that I never could effect. Indeed, others before me had also failed in the attempt; nevertheless, he fancied himself qualified to compose: for a short anthem of his beginning, “Lord of all power and might,” was performed at the chapel royal, of which, only the melody is his own, the bass was composed by another person. The same may be said of two more anthems sung in the cathedral of York.

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Christopher Simon Roberts, Music and Society in Eighteenth-Century Yorkshire, p. 179. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1447170867750 accessed: 17 April, 2024


Edward Miller

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performance of 'unknown music' performed by Williams Mason

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Date/Time late 18th Century
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