Alan Plater in Tunbridge Wells - at the end of the 1990's

from Doggin' around, page 117:

I have a bootleg audio-cassette of [Kenny Baker's] last appearance with the Beiderbecke and All That Jazz show at Tunbridge Wells. At the end, during our encore - 'The Totally Spontaneous Officially Designated and Well-Honed Encore Blues in F' - I introduce Kenny with the words: 'the only trumpet player banned from playing within a fifty mile radius of Jericho' - whereupon Kenny explodes into his solo like a twenty-year-old: the new kid on the lock, fresh from Yorkshire, eager to show London's city slickers and the world beyond how it's done.

He did that for sixty …   more >>

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Alan Plater, Doggin' around (:London, 2006), p. 117. accessed: 19 May, 2024

location of experience: Tunbridge Wells


Alan Plater
Broadcaster, Teacher, Writer

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unknown jazz performed by Kenny Baker (trumpeter)

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Date/Time at the end of the 1990's
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Listening Environment indoors

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