Mr. Thomas Jordan et al. in Usworth colliery village, County Durham - between 1910 and 1912

from Untitled: Thomas Jordan memoir, page 5:

[Thomas Jordan worked at Usworth colliery, County Durham, from the age of fourteen to twenty, leaving after the 1912 National Miners Strike and then joining the army. His father Billy Jordan was a miner, from the age of nine and 1896-1926, and served in the British army, 1876-1889]


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Mr. Thomas Jordan, Untitled: Thomas Jordan memoir. In Brunel University library Special Collections, number 1:405, p. 5. accessed: 22 March, 2023 (By permission of Brunel University Library, Special Collections.)

location of experience: Usworth colliery village, County Durham


Mr. Thomas Jordan
coal miner, pit boy, Soldier

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unspecified string band music performed by Billy Jordan, Usworth Village String Band, Thomas Jordan

Experience Information

Date/Time between 1910 and 1912
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in public

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