Charlotte Belasyse et al. in Cheltenham - between 22 June, 1781 and 25 June, 1781

from Tour to the West, 1781, pages 35, 37:

[22 June] In the evening we drank tea at the Miss T’s, and were entertain’d there by a singing boy of sweet voice, accompany’d by his master.  Afterwards there were two card tables at Mrs Fields rooms.


[25 June] In the evening, Ld and Lady F., Lady Anne B., Miss Ts, Mr H., &c. &c. drank tea with us; and the singing boy and his master help’d to while away the time, and to save me the trouble of conversation.  After this gallantry I took a quiet walk till supper time.

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John Byng, Tour to the West, 1781. In C. Bruyn Andrews (ed.), The Torrington Diaries Containing the Tours Throughout England and Wales of the Hon. John Byng (Later Fifth Viscount Torrington) Between the Years 1781 and 1794, volume 1 (London, 1934), p. 35, 37. accessed: 20 July, 2024

location of experience: Cheltenham


2nd Earl Fauconberg
Lord of the Bedchamber 1777-1802, peer, Politician
Fifth Viscount Torrington
Army officer, civil servant, diarist
Lady Anne Belasyse

Listening to

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vocal music performed by a boy accompanied by his teacher

Experience Information

Date/Time between 22 June, 1781 and 25 June, 1781
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


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